Aloe vera

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We all know that aloe vera is present in many skin care products. It also reduces the harmful toxins in the air.



We all know that aloe vera is present in many skin care products. Not only does it help with skin burns but also with filtering various gas emissions from dangerously toxic materials. Claimed to possess tons of medicinal properties, this incredible succulent can also be grown as an ornamental plant.

  • Plant Type:- Outdoor/Indoor Plant
  • Season:- Spring
  • Product Height:- 9 to 13 Inches (including pot), 4-6 tongues
  • Sunlight:- Give the plant adequate sunlight and warmth
  • Location:- Place the aloe in a sunny spot
  • Growing in containers:- Aloe loves to spread out and grow, so you want to choose a big pot that gives your plant plenty of room. Get a clay pot with drainage holes and a tray to place underneath to catch the soil and water.
  • Dormancy:- Aloe plants often go dormant during winter, or when the weather is cold for a prolonged period of time.


  • Images are only for reference purpose, actual product may very.
  • Product comes along with regular earthen pot. You can also add another pot by adding new in your cart.


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