Alpinia (Galangal)

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Alpinia or galangal is a plant in the ginger family (Zingiber officinale). The galangal plant has a long history of medicinal and culinary uses. The entire plant contains many beneficial properties. But the most commonly used portion is the rhyzome – or mass of roots.



Alpinia is a beautiful foliage plant whose leaves are excellent choice for cut floral decorations. This plant also has showy, fragrant flowers which are botanically an inflorescence forming a gigantic ball of flowers. Colors of these flowers range from a distinctive red to subtle whites, yellows and pinks. 

  • Plant Type : Outdoor Plant
  • Season : Evergreen
  • Product Height : 9 to 13 Inches (including pot)
  • Sunlight : It can grow in full sun to part shade locations.
  • Location : A minimum temperature of 20°C is required for the plant to grow well.
  • Growing in containers : It is necessary to prune to control the size of the plant and to prevent legginess. If grown as a potted plant, being vigorous grower it needs to be divided every 2 years.
  • Humidity : The plant loves moisture. Keep in a humid area of the garden in moist soil. Needs high humidity.


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