Chinese Fan Palm


They form a closed canopy when planted about ten feet apart along a walk or street.




Chinese Fan Palm/Livistona Palm reaches to 50 ft. but usually seen at 30 ft with a 10 to 12-ft spread. Livistona Palm has a single straight trunk and large, 6 ft long leaves which have drooping tips. The divided leaves have long, tapering, ribbon-like segments which gracefully sway beneath the leaves, creating an overall fountain-like effect. Although Chinese Fan Palm has long been used as a container palm, it’s neat leaf habit and interesting form make it ideal for landscape uses, such as in staggered groupings or used as a freestanding specimen, or street tree. They form a closed canopy when planted about ten feet apart along a walk or street. The palm is self-cleaning of old leaves and will require little or no pruning.

  • Type: Palm, Specimen
  • Exposure: Full Sun to partial shade
  • Conditions: Semi-Hard
  • Fragrant: No
  • Habit: Medium Growing
  • Foliage: Open, Symmetrical Drooping Palm Leaves
  • Drought Tolerance: Moderate
  • Light: tree grows in part shade/part sun; tree grows in full sun
  • Temperature:12-50 °C
  • Sensitive to: Over Watering. Also, young specimens of Chinese Fan Palm should be partially shaded
  • Watering: Average Water Needs; Plants should be watered during dry spells.
  • Repotting: This is a problem free palm. Only repot when this palm is completely pot bound. Palms often have shallow root systems, and they don’t appreciate being disturbed.
  • Problems: Palms are almost problem free plant in ground. Over-irrigation and rainy weather could initiate root rot. In containers, too much water causes root rot also.


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